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Picture this....a lovely family day out at the Point-to-Point. We thought, let's get a family shot for the website with our Lotus Grill. This is the result and this is why we love the ease, the portability and the ability to cook in 5 minutes of the Lotus Grill barbecue which is what you need when you have a big family

We are Giles and Nicola Palmer and our three children and we run Cedarstone Ltd. Due to the necessity of needing to earn money we have diversified from the family farm and we now have three websites. We currently sell LotusGrill® bbq's on www.funky-bbq.co.uk and hope to grow this into a one stop shop for really good quality country lifestyle products for that perfect, hassle free day out with the kids whether it be to a point to point, to the beach, camping or just at home for the impromptu supper. We love getting out and about with the girls and love nothing better than stuffing the pick-up full of a picnic, blankets and drinks. As a general rule, Nicola gets all the food ready, likes to make that "perfect" picnic (otherwise what's the point?), marinades the meat, gets the flask ready for that lovely cuppa at the end of the day and Giles is the "chef" and cooks on the Lotus Grill and loves it! Clearly as with many men this is a barbecue only skill so it has to be easy and hassle free.

The LotusGrill® are a range of innovative barbecues made by a German manufacturer. These barbecues are designed to be portable and easy to use, whilst still managing to be very effective at cooking a wide range of dishes. Like most people who have ever tried to use one of the cheap portable BBQs available Giles and Nicola found that although portable these products failed on several fronts. When the LotusGrill® was demonstrated to them it's winning design was obvious and they took the decision to sell them. What's great is that they also come with a range of accessories such as hoods, pizza stones and teppanyaki plates that allow you to cook even when the weather is windy and use it for more than just the normal barbecue feast. This means that the LotusGrill® is a great choice if you like to go camping or have a boat as well as for picnics and equestrian events.

We already sell a wide range of country lifestyle products on the internet and are leading suppliers of quality wellies from Le Chameau, Aigle, Muck Boot, Joules and Dunlop through our website SportingKit.co.uk which sells country clothing and other outdoors accessories from some great brands such as Seeland, Harkila, Alan Paine and Beretta.

A core business policy of Cedarstone Ltd. is to always stock and distribute what we sell. This gives control over the whole sales process and we aim to give a great personal shopping experience for our customers. If a customer needs to know about any feature of the LotusGrill BBQ® then they can contact one of the team knowing they will get to speak to a friendly person with knowledge of the product. You will either get hold of Giles, Nicola or Angie and can be assured of a friendly, helpful response.

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