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LotusGrill Hood


Lotus Grill - Hood

Turn your Lotus Grill into an all-round cooking oven with this hood. The hood consists of a steel outer with a heat-safe glass top and adjustable vents to allow finer control of the cooking temperature. The glass top on the hood also includes a thermometer showing the temperature of the BBQ in °C.

The hood really helps to control and even-out the cooking temperature making the Lotus Grill much more versatile. It allows the cooking of more sophisticated foods such as roasted joints and baking. If you combine this hood with the Pizza Set then you can perfectly cook the most wonderful custom pizzas as well.

We strongly recommend you to buy this hood or a lid for your Lotus Grill in order to get the best from it.

Available for both Standard and XL sized Lotus Grills.

  • Features: Built in thermometer in °C
  • Available for: Standard & XL LotusGrill)
  • Construction: Steel with safety glass top

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