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LotusGrill - Anthracite Grey


LotusGrill - Anthracite Grey

How about enjoying some BBQ Chicken Wings, Portabella Mushrooms, and Olives perfectly grilled? Don't restrict yourself to home enjoy this portable LotusGrill anywhere. It comes with a carrybag and can be used straight away - no need to assemble just add charcoal.

With the LotusGrill everyone can cook beyond sausages and burgers. Take advantage of the portable BBQ and get out into the country to enjoy a picnic with some fine BBQ food and a cool beer.

Portable and safe even when hot, it is constructed with an outer steel bowl that holds an inner stainless bowl and charcoal holder. This two part construction means the outer of the BBQ is protected from the heat and allows the BBQ to be handled when hot.

The charcoal container has a lid protecting it from cooking fats and is capable of holding 200grams of fuel that will give between 40-60 minutes of cooking. Under the charcoal bowl is a small battery powered fan that is adjustable using a knob on the front of the BBQ. This fan allows the heat from the charcoal to be moderated and makes lighting easy.

The portable BBQ comes with a carry bag and is easy to clean, the inner parts being dishwasher safe.

  • Model No: G340
  • Weight: 3.7kg
  • Dimensions: w:35cm h:23.4cm
  • Grill Diameter: 32cm
  • Construction: Steel Outer. Grill, Inner Bowl, Charcoal Container, Latches all Stainless Steel
  • Basic Package: Grill (ready to use). Batteries, Carry Bag, Manual

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